It is officially February which means .. spring break in a month. I know, I am jumping the gun a bit, but the weather has been so-so that it might as well be spring. The blizzard was such a teaser, I wish we had more snow days. 

Spring semester is in full swing. My Gender class feels a bit intimidating. Majority of my classmates are PhD candidates .. oh well. My Photography studio class is AWESOME as usual. It was great seeing everyone again. Now for my super COOL class - 3D sculpting!!! Ya, I get to do sculpture this semester. I am also thinking of doing some 3D work for my photo project.

There's only one thing that would kill my creativity and excitement - laziness :-) ..lol! Yes, I get really lazy sometimes but it doesn't mean my brain doesn't work, oh yea it works but my body just won't cooperate sometimes. TV and nap is my biggest vice .. if you would call it that.