Storage: 2017
Mixed Media Assemblage

Storage consists of interactive boxes that represent controlled environments. The interior’s dark, confined spaces allow for light and image manipulation. The boxes and interiors are modeled using an open-source 3D software called Blender and printed using biodegradable, corn-starch based plastics. The boxes are constructed using an intricate system of interlocking elements, and are not easily deconstructed; representing the complexity of a perfectly calculated world confined within impermanent walls.

Storage represents the latest state in development of a three year journey by the artist into the immersive experiences with art and photography. Starting with variations on the View-Master and stereoscopes that eventually evolved to virtual reality and ultimately to actual 3D printed environments, the present work is a snapshot of an exploration in development.

In each airless chamber, the characters come to life, seemingly involved in actions that are interrupted by the viewer’s intrusion through the peepholes. Each box is a private and personal experience that involves active interaction. The stories told inside are meant to be only a starting point and each narrative is designed to be carried forward by the viewers themselves.